Mischa Barton Seeking Help, But Improving

Mischa Barton: Seeking Help, But Improving


A week after being placed under psychiatric hold, Mischa Barton is "still seeking treatment but making improvements," her rep Craig Schneider said.

Schneider would not elaborate, but said that the 23yearold actress plans to report to work on her CW series,The Beautiful Life, later this month.

A rep for the show, which stars Barton as a struggling supermodel, says shooting is slated to start on July 31. That’s two weeks later than planned.

While the show says the delay was not due to Mischa Barton’s troubles, but to "problems with the sets," multiple sources say The Beautiful Life producers areworking on a Plan B(i.e. a new character) in light of the actress’ hospitalization.

Mischa Picture

The hardpartying Barton was placed under a 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold (a.k.a. theBritney Spearshold) at L.A.’s CedarsSinai Medical Center July 13.

"She’s going through a rough patch," says Benji Kohn, producer of her new filmHomecoming. "I hope Mischa is OK. My thoughts and prayers are with her."

Barton is said to becoked up and suicidal. Hopefully not. Here’s hoping this oncepromising actress gets better and that she stars on her show as planned.

Heidi Montag Fires Psychic Manager

Heidi Montag Fires Psychic Manager


Guess it just wasn’t in the cards … or would it be the stars?

A week after hiring "healer intuitive" and psychic Aiden Chase to replace Spencer Pratt as her business manger, Heidi Montag turned around and fired him too.

"I have decided to part ways with Mr. Chase both as a manager and as a psychic and will scrutinize business decisions more carefully in the future,"she said.

Because hiring a psychic as your manager seemed like such a good idea at the time? Scrutinizing them at all would be a step in the right direction, but hey.

The new fool tapped to run the exploding career of Heidi Montag?Heidi Montag.

"I will be managing my own career as a strong, independent woman."


Crystal Balling

Heidi Montag cups some serious balls.

Montag says she worked with Chase as her "intuitive healer" for a month after her recent plastic surgeries before deciding have him take over the position.

A positionSpencer Prattmanned so masterfully for years.

However, "unfortunately recent behavior by Mr. Chase on set of bothJust Go With Itstarring Adam Sandler, Jennifer Aniston and Nicole Kidman and [on]The Hillshave contributed to make me question this decision," Montag says.

Way to:

  1. Not elaborate on what he did
  2. Namedrop the film’s cast members

In a statement, Chase responds, "At this time, I am not aware of any change in my business relationship with Heidi Montag beyond Internet reports."

As for his behavior, the witch doctor denies reports he crashed the set or tried to poach Audrina Patridge (?!) as a client on the set ofJust Go With It:

"Heidi invited me to the set and the terms of our financial agreement are in line with standard manager agreements," he says. "I spoke withAudrina Patridgebriefly on the set ofThe Hillswith Heidi recently, but never discussed being her manager."

Report Sienna Miller is Homewrecking

Report: Sienna Miller is Homewrecking


Recenttopless photosof Sienna Miller kissing Balthazar Getty have shoved this steamy affair into the spotlight.

The actress best known for her flings, which include a rollercoaster relationship with Jude Law and one with Rhys Ifans that ended just weeks ago has been quietly dating Getty for "at least two months," asource saidtoPeople Magazine.

Miller, Getty

Here’s a shock: Sienna Miller is involved in a controversial relationship.

While the same source confirmed that Getty and wife Rosetta "have been living separate lives for a while," that doesn’t mean the timing of the affair isn’t hurtful.

Balthazar and his wife were married in May 2000 and had their fourth child together 10 months ago. It’s enough to makeAlex Rodriguezproud of the actor for such inappropriate behavior so soon after the birth of a baby.

"It’s humiliating," a friend said about the Miller/Getty relationship. "Rosetta left the country to protect the kids, and he continues to see Sienna publicly."

THG Caption Contest Biebs and Shaq!

THG Caption Contest: Biebs and Shaq!


Welcome to another edition ofThe Hollywood Gossip Caption Contest!

It’s easy and fun to play: Just come up with the best caption(s) for the photo below! Our subject this week: Shaquille O’Neal ballin’ … withJustin Bieber!

One of these dudes may or may not beengaged to Hoopz. The other may or may not take over the entire world soon. What could they be saying/thinking?

You tell us. Leave a comment. Leave 10 comments. We’ll announce a winnerMonday

Shaq and Biebs

Simon Monjack Responds to Brittany Murphy Autopsy, Attacks Press, Refuses to Shut Up

Simon Monjack Responds to Brittany Murphy Autopsy, Attacks Press, Refuses to Shut Up


According to Brittany Murphy’srecentlyreleased autopsy, "multiple medications were present in the blood, with elevated levels of hydrocodone, acetaminophen, and chlorpheniramine."

Because these were prescription drugs, not illegal ones, attentionloving husband Simon Monjack says the report vindicates him.

"She never did anything that she was accused of!"Monjack toldUs Weekly. "We never hid anything. And that’s been the case with everything in our marriage. Maybe with her death, people will start to realize yes, we had a lot of prescriptions around, but if you look at some of them, they date from 2001!"

Simon and Brittany

Monjack who has been accused ofsetting up a fake charityin his late wife’s name in order to extort mourners says he found "solace" in the autopsy and rejects the idea that Murphy’s death could have been prevented.

"Any death could be prevented," he said. "It’s a tragedy."

True. But this wasn’t the case of someone getting hit by a drunken driver. Murphy’s death has been ruled an "accident," but either Brittany, Simon or both were negligent in some manner when it came to the medication in her system.

In the end, Monjack wants people to leave him alone and "stop coming out with these ridiculous stories" about his relationship with the actress.

"Our marriage was dogged by these ridiculous rumors. Brittany’s life was dogged by ridiculous rumors, and the truth always wins out," Simon said. "I hope people have the sense to really understand that everything was beautiful and wonderful in our relationship and so pure."

Just shut up for a few days, dude, and we’ll be happy to never say a word about this tragedy again.

Book Claims Warren Beatty Slept with 12,775 Women

Book Claims Warren Beatty Slept with 12,775 Women


Tiger Woodshas nothing on this guy although in another 39 years, who knows.

According to Peter Biskind’s new biography about Warren Beatty, the 72yearold acting legend is claimed to have bedded a whole lot of chicks in his life.

The number? Oh, around 12,775. Give or take a handful.

Hilariously, this figure does not include "daytime quickies, drivebys, casual gropings, stolen kisses and so on." Drivebys? Gropings? Are you serious?

Warren Beatty Picture

Warren Beatty was a womanizer. To put it mildly. Allegedly.

Ridiculous as it seems that one could actually have sex with that many different people, the idea that you’d keep track is even sillier. Unless you’re going for a record.

Beatty’s lawyer, Bertram Fields bashed the book and its sex claims (titledStar: How Warren Beatty Seduced America) in astinging repudiationthat says in part:

"Mr. Biskind’s tedious and boring book was not authorized and contains many false assertions and purportedly quotes Mr. Beatty as saying things he never said."

In reality, his conquests probably number only in the quadruple digits. No word on whetherBritney Spears, Lindsay Lohan or Paris Hilton are among them.

Chet Haze on Rap Career I’m My Own Person

Chet Haze on Rap Career: I’m My Own Person


Give Chet Haze credit. The 21year old college student is trying to break into show business on his own, distancing himself from a father who has won two Academy Awards and is generally considered one of the greatest actors in history.

Indeed, the Northwestern theater major’s real name is Chet Hanks. He’s the son of Tom Hanks.

Chet has garnered buzz this week for the release of "White and Purple," an ode to partying that’s a remix of Khalifa’s "Black and Yellow." Listen to the single now:

Chet Hanks Raps

Despite lyrics that include "White kicks/Purple kush/This is college/Hittin’ blunts after hittin’ books," the sophomore says: "I don’t think it’s something that should cause anybody to be angry or offend anyone."

And as for this famous father? Chet says he’s proud of his last name, but "I’m not my dad. I am my own person."


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